Rites of Passage...
the movie, the vision

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage is first, a film about searching for meaning in a world filled with instant gratification and transitory relationships and second, the fulfillment of a dream for two old friends who set forth to create a story for the big screen.

Explaining how the film unfolded and how the dream was actualized is the purpose of this website.

As you explore the story, consider your own dreams and how you too can make them possible.

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Friends Rick Halsey and Peter Iliff in the early days at the future set of Rites of Passage. August 1991.



Wes Bentley

as Benny, a man chased by his own demons intent on finding a better life in the faraway place





Kate Maberly

as Dani, a bright coed of Chumash Indian desent who is haunted by a tragic mistake





Ryan Donowho

as Nathan, a brilliant anthropology student hoping to re-introduce the value of ritual and tradition into the lives of his friends





Travis Van Winkle

as Hart, Nathan's best friend and a US Marine Iraqi War veteran who knows how to party and honor his friendships 


Briana Evigan

as Penelope, a college student who loves to party but unfortunately finds herself the victim of a lost soul's fantasies.

Christian Slater
as Delgado, a twisted meth addict whose life was turned upside down by the loss of his family in a drunk driving accident




Stephen Dorff

as Professor Nash, an anthropology professor who fails to keep the proper distance from his female students





Carly Schroeder

as Carly, a conservative college coed who finds herself at the mercy of a madman's vengence





Ashley Hinshaw

as Tami, a sharp business major who finds the consequences of building an unusual company with her roomate can be bittersweet





Guy Burnet

as Mojo, a British exchange student who discovers his secret love fantasies become much sweeter when real




Daniel Cudmore

as Moose, a happy go lucky student who is hopelessly in love with a spunky coed nicknamed Squirrel





Angelic Zambrana

as Squirrel, Moose's short tempered heartthrob who is never afraid to say what she feels





Sharon Hinnendael

as Roxy, Tami's roomate who takes an unexpected turn on a path from which there is no return





Mylo Ironbear

as the Chumash elder, who provides guidance along the pathway to the faraway place




Joseph Runningfox

as the Chumash shaman, who helps to translate the mysteries of the faraway place







Director Peter Iliff (in orange shirt)
surrounded by his team



Movies do not get made without a dedicated on-set crew of camera operators, grips, electricians, sound experts, production assistants, costume and set designers, drivers, and the essential craft service folks (food and coffee, lots of coffee).
Thanks to all of you!




Nothing happens without the finances and the behind the scenes management. To the left of director Peter Iliff is Bill Johnson who provide the majority of the financing for the film. To the right is Jon Sachar who built much of the original organizational structure for Rites of Passage. The guys in the background were our intrepid Isla Vista hosts.