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News and Events

** October 18, 2012: Premiere for Rites of Passage at Isla Vista's Magic Lantern Theater

The theatrical premiere of Rites of Passage will occur at Isla Vista's landmark entertainment venue, the Magic Lantern Theater at 960 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista, CA 93117. There will be a short introduction by the film makers prior to the screening. After the movie, there will be a Q&A session. We are working on having DVDs for sale. Some of the actors, crew, and production staff will be with us.

The Details...
Tickets: Free, but need to be obtained either at the box office prior to showing (office opens at 6:15PM) or earlier at the UC Santa Barbara Film and Media office at 2433 Social Sciences and Media Studies Building (SSMS).

Looking forward to seeing you!!!


** October 16, 2012: Rites of Passage to be released on DVD, Video on Demand by Magnet


** March 27, 2012: Rites of Passage Domestic Distribution Deal Signed!

Today, the movie thriller "Rites of Passage" finalized a domestic distribution deal with Magnolia Pictures which owns Landmark Cinemas. The deal will allow the film to be distributed in the US market through Video on Demand and Pay Per View networks. Foreign distribution is being handled by Voltage Pictures.

** March 23, 2012: Wes Bentley on The Hunger Games and His Careful Comeback

By Kyle Buchanan

Wes Bentley had just turned 21 when his darkly seductive supporting role in American Beauty made him one of Hollywood's most promising actors overnight. At the time, he struggled with that spotlight, dropping out of projects like Monster's Ball and abusing heroin until 2009, when he finally entered recovery. Now clean and 33 years old, Bentley's quest to reestablish himself should get a big bump this weekend thanks to his role in The Hunger Games as Seneca Crane, the coldhearted games-maker with a swirly, spiky beard. We recently met up with Bentley to discuss The Hunger Games and that unique facial hair (which already has a meme), and he spoke candidly about his return to Hollywood...

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** March 23, 2012: Ashley Hinshaw in New Film "Cherry"

Sometimes it takes an unexpected, life-altering experience for a person to realize that their existence is falling apart, and they need to overcome whatever obstacles are in their way in order to find their true purpose in life. That’s certainly the case with the title character in the new drama ‘About Cherry,’ which is now available on VOD and digital platforms and opens in a limited theatrical release on September 21.

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